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Holiday House Natura Bovec


Massage, Hot baths & Sauna


Hearty action should be followed by suitable relaxation; and what could be better than a brisk massage? This is just another service that we can offer. After such heroic winter activity, a jacuzzi becomes like a magnet, lazily steaming away and offering its irresistible attraction of an all-embracing heat; something you can hardly resist. …and finally, for the perfect finish, what about a Finnish sauna? But of course!


Where to go for dinner


Tastes differ, and we try to get to know our guests in order to be able to advise them properly. We are in touch with Bovec restaurants and with other great locations where you can dine, so we are always available to talk about which dish and which restaurant would be good for you today. We let the restaurant know you are coming and can book for bigger groups, discuss a menu and hope that the day will finish with a happy, friendly evening.