My story

More than 30 years of experience

I’m one of the pioneers of paragliding in the Soča valley, as I have flown more than a thousand times, both alone and in tandem. 

A goatherd who likes to spend my time on the slopes of Mangart since I was nine years old. I’m not only an adrenaline junky and exceptional paraglider but also a long-time guide for canyoning and ice-climbing, ski instructor and organizer of sledging down the road of Mangart. Beekeeper, which enjoys being surrounded by nature, both from a bird’s eye view or on steep slopes. However, I still prefer to spend my time surrounded by eagles and hawks, as we sail across the valley and observe the mighty mountains.

Bovec would not be Bovec without its adrenaline junkies, curious searchers of hidden things, which are prepared to go on a journey with the ones who honor nature.

I hope the agency Avantura can help you on the path of discovery because I have found my paradise right here in the heart of Soča valley.

I would like to share it with you. 

Zep, Avantura Sport Agency